15 September 2005


Saludos de la Republica Dominicana!
I have survived my first week here in the DR. We've had lots of firsts (many of which have been repeated, such as shots!): first day (HOT!), first bucket shower, first day on public transportation, first malaria pill (so far so good!), first nite under a mosquito net (yes, they're required)... and many more!
My host family is great, although frequently a zoo! I live with the Dona and her 30 yr-old son. But she has 7 grown children, and 13 grandchildren! Of course, at least 2/3rds are over here every nite, and since her daughter from Nueva York is here with her twins, we now have four 2-yr-olds! It's definitely been a learning experience!
Yesterday we took class trips to the centro of Santo Domingo. We squished onto the guagua (bus). I think at least 40 of us fit! We went to the Peace Corps office - a beautiful building near the old part of town! We got to see the old city ruins, the gate where the revolution started, and the cathedral. We didn't quite make it to Cristobal Colon's house, but I'm sure I'll see it before I leave!
Next week, we get to take a 4-day trip to visit another volunteer in the interior. I get to go up in the mountains to visit a volunteer working with coffee growers. It will be a great part of orientation!
Dios les bendiga! ...Until the next adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Hi from Kansas. Have fun be careful and our prayers are with you.
Your Kansas Relatives