05 January 2006

Life on $10 a day

So, the math has been done, and the results aren't pretty. We've discovered just how poor volunteers actually are! During training we were allotted a whopping $1/day, and now that we're on our own and covering all our costs, it's been increased to $10/day (300 pesos) - and that's for city living! To put that in perspective... 71 pesos goes to my family for food; a ride to town or home is 50p; one hour at the internet center is 20p; a 5 min phone call is 50p; a bag of chips is 15p; and a Coke (bottled of course!) is 14p. Of course, if I go to the capital, the transportation alone is more than half of my daily allowance! Lucky for me, I don't drink (beer is 40-60 pesos a pop), and I know how to be cheap!


Mom said...

Hi Honey,
Wow!! You now make more money than I do.It is a good thing we've taught you how to be frugal.It is good to get a sense of what the economics are there. Thanks for the insight.The kids were very surprised. Love, Mom

Pastor Randy said...

with my figuring, if you take the bus oneway and walk home you'd have enough for the beer..oh yeah, you don't drink. Won't Krista be SURPRISED!

My question is, why dod they even give you a dollar a day? That's almost a slap in the face, would have been better to give you nothing. But, that's easy for me to say sitting here.

Keeping you in our prayers. Jordan still prays for you lots of nights as he goes to bed.

Thanks for the updates.


Krista said...

You put Rachel Ray to shame...she does it on $40 a day and is proud of herself. And to respond to my Dad...I know that Jess doesn't drink in the DR, that does not mean she doesn't drink. I've been there and yup she drinks. See you in less than 2 months TB!

Michelle (Saska) Hardley said...

Hey Stearns! I was just checking out the new site and I love the Christmas pictures. It is great to know that you are enjoying your experience there! Much love

Anonymous said...

During my PCV years in Jarabacoa town (1963+64) I had $3 a day to pay for my rental, food, fuel for truck (yes I had brand new Chev 4-wheel drive truck), snacks, vacation, electricity, water and what ever. But $3 then probably went further than your $10 does today. I survived pretty well but at end of month look for invites to dinner.

And (something to look forward to) almost all Returned PCV are tightwads in our afterlife!

Neil Ross