25 March 2006


These last couple weeks have seen some big times for me. During the last 3 months, our job as volunteers was mostly to be conducting a diagnostic research, ending in a presentation for our peers. Last Tues thru Thurs, my group of business volunteers had our 3-month meeting. Not only did we present our findings, but we also had training for us and our project partners and had time to work with our project partners to start creating an annual plan. It was good to see my friends again... we hadn't been together since November... and to spend some time with our project partners playing, working, and of course dancing! Go figure, I had the 2 project partners "mas vivos"! They were the best bailadores, and spent most of the days giving each other hard times about women since both are single! In all, it was a good time... and a definite relief to have the presentation over!

The week before my big presentation, I got the chance to visit a couple friends in the south of the DR who are also working with coffee. I got a chance to see the coffee plantations down there and compare stories. Of course, Kat has it the best... coffee AND the beach! :o)

More "you'll never believe" news... I rode a horse! The other Saturday, Fernando and I made a visit to a community across the river. The only way to get there is walking or on horseback. Well, we started out walking, and I think we made it about 3/4 of the way before our "escort" showed up... with 1 horse. :o) So, I got to ride. It was about 2 hours walking, or 1 1/2 riding. Naturally, we only had 1 horse going back too... I was super sore by the time we got back! I think next time I'll walk! :o)

And, the last big news... I finally have my own house! My boss finally approved a house up the hill from where I've been living. It's a nice house that belongs to an American (my boss might say a little TOO nice!), and it's perfect for right now. I'm still considering another house in a nearby community, but it'll need some work first! In any case, I've spent this last week arranging stuff and cleaning... and even cooking!... between hours at the office. It's so nice to have my own place! And just in time for people to visit! (Hint, hint! Anybody's welcome to come stay and play for a few days!)

And so, that's the big update for March! Next issue: the adventures of Jessica and Krista during her visit!


Pastor Randy said...

Krista? Krista Kay? So THAT"S where she is!!! ;o) Hope you two had ad GREAT time, and by the looks of the picture, your house looks pretty nice! Good job!

If you get this before KLK leaves tell her "hi" from Dad.

Krista said...

Hun- you're slacking..it's been a month since your last post. What's up with that! I hope you had fun with your parents and a good time at the beach!

Christena said...

heya Jess...been a while since you posted. We're out here...promise... just waiting for your next adventure to be told. Your house is really nice, much bigger than I expected. I guess it was a big to-do, you living there! I saw the pics your mom & dad took while they were visiting, it looks so peaceful. Yeah! I know there's the bugs too! Forget that! I'm sure you're used to 'em by now. Hope all is well. Love & prayers, (yeah I borrowed that from Grandma T.!!) Luv, Christena