17 March 2007

Updates and Travels - PICTURES ARE HERE

It's 9 am on a Saturday morning. Now that my house has been partially cleaned and things put away, I sit here with my bowl of Lucky Charms that I sprung for this week, with the powdered milk that I hate the taste of (a little extra saved for my cat of course), and contemplate how to update you all on what my life's been like lately. Since January, I have been working at the association office daily, as well as doing several coffee sale days in the capital (see pic of Katie, me & Kat selling coffee at the PCDR 45th Anniversary), which leaves limited time for internet related activities such as research, news updates, and keeping my blog updated. The last few months have also been full of fun activities as well as rough times.

In January, my boyfriend, Hito, quit his job and moved back to my community. Now he works in construction nearby and spends free time taking me places on his moto and playing baseball with all the other local guys. It's been nice to have him nearby, although it's meant some adjustments for both of us.

A week ago, one of my good friends got in a motorcycle accident. He has 2 head injuries where he hit his head on the back of his motorcycle, as well as a busted mouth where the tire hit him in the face. In the last week he has healed remarkably well, and we are hoping that he continues at this rate.

Also in January, I re-started and English class. This time around there have been few students since it's during school months and the evenings are dark. The session will end at the end of this month, to start again in May or June. I continue to find teaching English frustrating. I don't have a curriculum, and although I have a few excellent students, many Dominicans have been taught bad pronunciation, so a lot of time goes into trying to re-teach them. Later this week I need to put together their final exam, which I think I am dreading more than they are!


Pastor Randy said...

GREAT pictures! And you're looking pretty good! Seems like Island life agrees with you.

Those masks are 90% teeth! They could give you nightmares after awhile. Looks like it was great fun, though.

I enjoyed maybe most the picture of the man "reading" a book by himself, sitting in the white chair. Looked as if he was taken away from his little world into a much bigger one, if at least for a short while, ah the power of a book.

Thanks for the work you're doing. Praying for you. Going to see your girlfriend in July, tickets are in hand and shots have been received - Ouch!

Love ya,
Randy and Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

It looks like the costumes cost more than their homes!!! How elaborate!!!!

Linda : )