03 October 2005

Happy Birthday... to me!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! A few people here actually knew it was my birthday. :o) My neighbor found out our birthdays are a day apart, so we went to the beach (Boca Chica) on Sunday to celebrate. To give you an idea of Dominican travel, the rule of thumb is to ALWAYS fit one more person than there are seats (ie. 4 people in the back seat). So, I counted the bodies to see how well we did in a personal car. Can you guess how many of us went in one car??? NINE! (ok, ok, only 4 of us were adults, but still!) It was a nice day at the beach, and this weekend I´m going again for a friend´s birthday.
On Monday, my actual birthday, my wonderful fellow trainees dutifully embarrassed me... and sang twice! Of course, the ice cream after class made up for it. :o) In all, it was indeed a happy birthday... and I´m looking forward to a good year!


MJM said...
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MJM said...


I'm so excited to see that you decided to start blogging your experience in the Dominican Republic as a PCV. I am leaving in February for the Dominican on an environmental education assignment. I'll sign up for your updates and put a link to your page on my blog: http://peace-corps.blogspot.com

Best of Luck, Soak it all in!
Michael Menelli

BUDDA said...

Hello Jessica!!

My name is Langston. Mrs Stearns has told me about you, I am a student in her class. We learning about your journey and everything you do.