22 October 2005

Moscas in Moca

Ever lived in a small town? Here EVERYONE is related, and naturally everyone knows everything about the 4 gringas staying here! Last week, the biggest town news was that the gringas were sick. Of course, to top off the joys of being sick, within 24 hours I was both asked out on a date AND asked to marry someone so he could go to the States! I guess I didn't look as bad as I felt...
This 2nd month of training is very different from life in the capital, and much more like life will be at our sites. The barrio I'm living in now is primarily an agricultural community. Just about everyone (all 500 habitants) has their own plot of land to grow crops or raise pigs, chickens, or ducks. The roads here are dirt, although stones were laid so it wouldn't be as muddy, and there's a small river just down the hill to ford when leaving. When it rains, the river raises, and nobody SHOULD cross! Naturally with all the water and livestock, flies (moscas) and mosquitos are plentiful here. Water comes twice a week, and the houses fill up their tinacos (water storage tanks). Although, this week we had to wait from Mon to Fri before the water came again, and 2 of our houses ran out of water!
We've had class - Technical Training or Spanish - almost every day. The rest of the time is spent with our families or doing diagnostic interviews in the community. We've only got a couple more weeks here, and then things speed up until December! I get to hear about my site on Nov 7... and I'll be sure to let you all know the details as soon as possible!


Krista said...

Did you say yes? :o)

Pastor Randy said...

Just to let you know that your "boy friend" Jordan, prays for you every night!

Wow, water only once a week, I guess showers and baths hare few and far between. ;o/

You're in our thoughts and prayers.

Jenn said...

Hey Jessica,
I am headed to the DR in February for the Agroforestry program. I really enjoy your blog!! I finally started one at www.pixiebingham.blogspot.com

Thanks for your stories, and I look forward to more!

Linda said...

Jessica, how have the storms treated you? When the news actually mentioned D.R. was in the path of tropical storm Alpha our ears perked up. We've been praying for your safety.

Julie said...

Hi, I really enjoy reading your posts. I met your mom at your "favorite nail shop" in Walnut Creek! I will keep you in my prayers!

Julie Tedesco
Castro Valley, California