13 December 2005

Welcome to Insanity...

...it´s a state of mind.
I don´t really have much to update on, but I owe you all something for this week! I´m still adjusting to my living situation and trying to figure out my role for work. Last week I attended 3 meetings with various organizations, and this week I attended a 2-day computer workshop with Arelis in the capital. This weekend there is an artesianal fair in the capital also, where I will sell ASCAJA´s coffee: Café Jarabacoa. Last year they sold 300 lbs! Hopefully I´ll do as well with Chris´ help. Soon though I need to buckle down and work seriously on my diagnostic!
On the home front, it´s been interesting. My dona is currently in Nueva Yol (as they call NYC), although rumor has it she´s returning while I´m gone this week. In the meantime, I´ve been living at her house with her son (48), daughter-in-law (19), and 2 grandsons (1 1/2 and 3, with another on the way). We´ll see how things change in the house when the dona returns! Next door is the local colmado where the community congregates to talk, drink, and play pool. It´s a great place to meet a lot of people, although occasionally it gets a little rowdy. I´ve found a few people in my community that I can hang out with. One is a Spanish lady who´s been in the area 5 years teaching ceramics to the ladies in the area. The ladies all have their own kilns now and are working from their own houses. In Jan, Angie is going to start working with kids in a little school where I might help if I have time. The finca de Julia Alvarez is right up the hill from me. I´ve gotten to know the lady who cooks there, and it´s nice to spend time at her house where it´s tranquillo (quiet). She always gives me coffee too!
Overall, December is a month for transitions here. Lots of adjusting: new house, new family, new friends, new coworkers... (luckily not a new language too!). Although things are a little tough at the start, I´m sure things will smooth out soon. Lucky for me, there´s 2 volunteers from my training group nearby, who I saw this weekend, and one that´s finishing up. It makes things easier to have someone to share with!
As Christmas is coming quickly, I might not have another chance to write. So... Merry Christmas to all, and Happy New Year!


terrie said...

I've just read your blog and have really enjoyed it. Sounds like a real adventure. I'm your mom's cousin and my son (Robert) joined the Peace Corps also. I'll keep up with your blog. Take care. My prayers are with you also.

Mom said...

Merry Christmas Jessica!
It is so good to here a little of what is going on in your life. We miss you and hope you will have a wonderful Christmas.Ours will be very different this year without you and Peter to celebrate with.
Remember that Christ is the reason for this season.Lots of love, Mom and Dad
Maybe we will call you on the 25th

Madison said...

hey jessica ,it's me madison again!!!!!!!!!! how are you? Merry Chistmas.!!!!!I hope you remember that Christmas is Jesus'birthday.I'm going to my grandmas for Christmas.I think your mom and dad are going to miss you for Christmas .I hope that you remember that your mom tutors me in math .Bye for now I'll write later.I'm praying for you.love,madison mc brideM

Anonymous said...


This is Patti Heaps and I have wanted to contact you for some time because I have a friend whose daughter is an expert at micro economic projects. Kim lives in Washington DC at the moment, but has done work all over the world. If you are interested in beginning a dialog with her, I will send her email address to you. She has also written a book, but at the moment the title evades my memory.

Jonathan is home from North Park and we are enjoying having him here. Annie is a jr. at College Park and tolerating high school. A month ago my mother in law moved in with us as she is 89 and just went completely blind. I enjoy caring for her even though it can be an exhausting 24/7 challenge, but it is a chance to show her how much I love her and appreciate her love and care these past 25 yrs since I married Craig.

My health has improved considerably and I just finished a nursing refresher class in November. I don't know if I am well enough to work, but the skills I learned are being used on Mom and it just reminds me how much I love nursing.

Jeff Reed continues to press forward with excellent teaching and I appreciate his teaching about the mature Christian lifestyle which is available to everyone. He continues to work at the Monument Crisis Center (food bank) and I'm glad he actually lives what he teaches.

More another time. My prayers are with you and let me know if you would like to contact Kim.

Love and Blessings to you. Patti Heaps