15 February 2006

The New Duct Tape

"Floss It" (excerpted from the Lonely Planet - Dominican Republic and Haiti, 2002 2nd ed.)

For the cost of a crummy cigar, you can buy a vacation-saving item called dental floss. It's cheap, it's light, it's strong, and it's outrageously useful. Got a fishhook but no line? Try green waxed dental floss. Need to secure a mosquito net? Reach for the floss. Forgot to pack a clothesline? String up a line of floss instead. Got a tear in your jeans or a rip in your pack? A little dental floss and a sewing needle and life goes on.
Dental floss comes in 50m and 100m lengths and is sold in nifty little cases complete with built-in cutters. Some say it can even remove decay-causing material from between teeth and under gums! Now in cinnamon, mint and grape flavors.


Krista said...

Finally...uses for floss I can get behind!

Anonymous said...

so your all wondoring who this is since nobody sent it at the school its me Samuel i hope you like my message I hope mrsstearns gets betteter jut as much as you. And yah who knew all the stuff that dental floss can do its increadible i hope you are all praying for mrsstearns bye brb. love sam ;)