04 February 2006


If any of you have the desire to send a care package, here are some ideas!
NOTE: Mailings in a padded envelope are best, but packages get thru also. Please assume one month for delivery!
Mail to:
Jessica Stearns, PCV
Cuerpo de Paz
Apartado 1412
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Snack foods (eg. peanuts, Balance bars, granola bars, candy - that won't melt easily!)
  • Packaged foods, spices, mixes, etc for cooking (yes, I will be cooking)
  • Recipes
  • Cheap/used books (books in Spanish are welcome too!)
  • Music cds with current American music (burned cds)
  • Pictures!!!
  • Phone calls (1-809-723-7817 - yes, it's international)
  • Letters
  • News!
  • Any other home comforts you can think of!


Mrs. Stearns' First Grade said...

Hi Honey, It sounds as if your a little home sick.We are looking forward to our visit with you in April. We miss you too.It was wonderful to hear your voice. Love ya lots Mom

Mrs. Stearns' First Grade said...

Hey Jessica,
It's James, your cousin. I was just visiting grandma and your mom,
and she ask me if I wanted to read your blog. So I did, it's nice. I will send you some stuff later or at least write you in the future.
I plan to move to Redding, California to go to school at BSSM, which is Bethel School of Supernatual Ministry. With the goal of becoming a pastor in youth ministry.
God Bless,