22 November 2005

Go Aguilas!

Training wasn´t all serious... We spent some time just hanging out, and even went to a baseball game. Baseball is the biggest sport in the DR, and we got to see the 2 best teams play. There are only 6 DR teams - 2 in the capital (Licey being the favorite), 2 in the Cibao (where Aguilas is the favorite), and 2 in the East. We got to see Licey vs Aguilas, and as a future Cibao resident, of course I rooted for the Aguilas! It was an exciting game, complete with cheerleaders, a mascot, and a home run. The best part was winning! Oh, and of course, the ¨band¨ of drums, horns and guiras (traditional instrument) that roved the stadium! People waved their flags, danced to the merengue music between innings, and had a generally good and noisy time... true to Dominican spirit!

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