07 November 2005


So, time for some news updates! Here goes...
1. MOST IMPORTANT! I got my site assignment today!!!!! I will be placed in JARABACOA, working with a coffee association. I haven´t read thru all what I will be doing, but I am super excited about the placement. It´s the site I wanted, and it´s beautiful! (Honestly, if anyone´s interested in visiting after March, feel free!)
2. PICTURE UPDATES! I updated some of the missing pictures on posts below that I couldn´t upload last week.
3. No phone. :o( We were supposed to get cell phones today, but it looks like we´ll have to wait another 2 weeks. I will attempt to get an email out when I get my number to let you all know.
4. MOCA UPDATE. The last week in Moca was good. We spent alot of time hanging out with our families, and dancing! Friday all 13 of us went with our technical trainer to a waterfall in the area, called Ojo de Agua. It was a great hike down, including wading across a river. We ducked a barbed-wire fence and treked down to the fall to go swimming. It was absolutely beautiful, and a great end to CBT. Friday night was sad as we all had to say goodbye to our families in Moca. The donas and the jovenes (youth) threw us a party, complete with dancing, to say goodbye. It was lots of fun, but there were lots of tears the next morning when we left. :o( The 4 in my group are all hoping to stop by Moca to visit again in a couple weeks, and we´ll definitely have to visit during service!
5. LASTLY... I may not be able to update this for a couple weeks. Wish me luck as this week we all have our site visits. Six days of just hanging out with our project partners! Hopefully it´ll all go well, and everyone will love their sites! We´ve been told that it´s the worst and hardest week of service, for lack of scheduled time. :o) After site visits, I have one more week of CBT at a retreat center in Santiago. It´ll be nice to hang out with just the 13 of us again and get some detailed info on our sector (mine being coffee). And after that, it´s the home stretch! We swear in on the day before Thanksgiving, and by the following Monday, I´ll be up in Jarabacoa as an official volunteer!


Krista said...

Yippie for JARABACOA!!!! And for coffee!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess! It is so fun to read all about what you have been doing since you left! You are missed here, but it is awesome to know you are having such great experiences there. Love ya!

Mrs. Stearns said...

HEY Sweetie,
Jarabacoa , WOW !!!!
Our class read this today and were we all excited.We really enjoy reading your blog. Love
ya lots, Mom :) Aren't I getting

Christena said...

Hi ya Jess!
That's great news you got the site you wanted! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time there and still more excitement to come. I’m enjoying your blog very much! It’s beautiful there! Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Stearns said...

do you like it ?
I hope to hear from you soon.
I hope you like jarabacoa.
Send us a picture of your house
in Jarabacoa on your biog.love,
Mattie-Mrs.Stearns-1 grade

daer jesica,
wat is your job like? Does the bulding smell good? Are there lots of bugs do you yous bug spray? Do the pepal that you live
hav animals if they do how many do they haveAre you tall? how old are you? Is the bulding hudge? harray for coffee and shugure! how much pepole are in your faamily? brb .love samuel mrs stearns-first grade

Mrs. Stearns first grade said...

ffDear jesica did you nko that we
lateebugs. We had eggs and they
changed into larva ,then they changed in pupa now we have pink lateebugs.We also a huge spitr.love Kendall frst grad Mrs Stearns

Dear jesica Is It rainy ? cloudy?
Are the roads mushy?foggy ? windy?
loveNaomi 1 grade

Lyssalulu said...

Daer Jessica I hope you are
having fun there. :O) Mrs. Stearns has been telling us about you alot:O) Is it raining all the time:O)I hope you are safe there.
Alyssa, Mrs. Stearns 1st grade class

Anonymous said...

Hey there Jess, I am glad that you get to stay in Jarabacoa! Yea! I can't wait to hear all of your many adventures. I have read them all so far and I must say it sounds beautiful and exciting. I am glad you are making firends there and that things are going so well. Did the Hurricaines affect you at all? I am praying for you often. But working with coffee how much more could you want :) Trin

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Alyssa the class loves you and I love you to. love,Alyssa