22 November 2005

Training Outings

We´re in our very last weeks of trianing now. Grad is actually on Wednesday! This last week as part of training, we got to take several exciting outings. To learn more about the free-trade zones, we visited a cigar factory. It was very interesting to see the process and care that goes into production and exporting. Each cigar is handmade, and we even got to see them making the different boxes. (And yes, we got some free cigars, and I heard they were good! :o))
My sector-specific outing was to Jarabacoa (my site) with the other coffee volunteers. We got to visit the Julia Alvarez farm (although she wasn´t there), and the Ramirez Brothers factory (which is currently exporting to Europe). It was interesting (and overwhelming) to see the detail that goes into separating the coffee good enough for export. We got an overwhelming amount of information on coffee, but it will be good to have a base to start from. Tim, our trainer, is an amazing source of information, and it was good to get his input and ideas while at my site.
Leaving Santiago, the Los Camachos group (me, Kat, Erica, Cora) went back to Moca to visit our families there. We were there less than 24 hours, but it was so good to see everybody again - especially my girls! I´m lucky I´ll be close, but I think it´d be too weird to go without the other 3. Now we´re back in the capital for our final week. I can´t believe 3 months have gone by so quickly!


Mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Darling, Sweetie, Pumpkin. How was your installation? Did Stanley get there for it? Give us an idea of what you did for your installation. What did you do? Give us the details.

Hope yo have a wonerful Thansgiving.
Love you, Mom and Dad

Pastor Randy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jess! The six of us Kay's will remember you in our Thanksgiving celebrations! Consider yourself prayed for, and keep up the good work!


Megan said...

Happy Thanksgiving cuz!! sounds like you are having quite the time down there, i'm glad things have been working out. we're praying for you!!